We back technology entrepreneurs with international ambitions


Our approach

The Scandinavian Private Equity Group (Spring Capital Polaris) is focused on buying Scandinavian based companies with demonstrated scale in their home markets. We back exceptional technology entrepreneurs who dream of entering the US as a part of their ambitious growth plan.

We invest from private funds and are thus not bound by time limits or other restrictions. However, we believe in focusing on areas where we can add value and therefore seek to back founders that want to conquer the world with a super B2B SaaS-based product from Scandinavia.

Our aim is to be an alternative for companies that want to make the leap from the Nordic home market to the global technology scene

What we look for

We look for companies that can demonstrate a solid business platform in terms of revenue, usage, retention and growth. We can help you grow that business especially in the US. If you have such bold and ambitious growth plans we believe we can help you achieve them with less risk and in shorter time than what is usually required.

We want to partner with standout entrepreneurs and be your active and inspiring partner for the total growth plan of your company.

Who we are

We all come from long technology backgrounds as serial entrepreneurs, operators in SME and large corporates and within M&A. Combing our backgrounds gives a highly relevant skill set for scaling, developing and finally exiting a portfolio company. We solely focus on the tech space within direct investments and aim to bring exceptional Scandinavian entrepreneurs to the US.

Our advisors

Our Scandinavian private equity group Polaris is backed by an exceptional team of advisors. These individuals contribute to our deal sourcing and portfolio company development through their extensive networks and backgrounds as operators, investors and founders.