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People. Planet. Profit.

At Spring, the triple bottom line is our top priority.

People with purpose create real change.

In a world full of uncertainty, the only thing certain is the need for change. But change alone isn’t enough to create a lasting impact. We need purpose-driven people focused on staying the course.

The planet does well when you do good.

We’re in the business of staying in business. But to thrive, the planet must, too. That’s why sustainability isn’t just a practice we preach, it’s also what guides the partners we choose.

Make profits rise, not oceans.

The bottom line is the only line you want rising at all times. We focus on profitability from the first day to the last. Making sure that the path you take stays on track and in the right direction.

Change the future, before the future changes everything.

As the population and economy grow and technology continuously transforms society, we face increasing challenges. However, these challenges provide tremendous opportunities to make the world more future-proof. We seek to invest in and develop companies that aim to reduce climate change, reduce waste, mitigate resource scarcity, improve education, health, and well-being and provide sustainable energy sources.

We believe that organizations that offer innovative solutions will see more substantial growth opportunities than those based on traditional solutions, making these organizations more future-proof and leading to better financial performance over time.

Private and public market investments drive Spring’s growth.

Direct Investment

Backing entrepreneurs with international growth ambitions.

We support exceptional technology entrepreneurs who dream of entering the US or have international growth plans. We invest our own capital and are thus not bound by time limits or fund restrictions.

Venture Capital

Investments in leading Venture Capital firms targeting businesses on the forefront of new technologies.

We partner with venture firms that manage unique deal flow and deploy capital in niche industries where we can provide operational value. As the portfolio companies mature, we look for opportunities to place secondary investments alongside side the venture firms.

Private Equity

Investing in Private Equity strategies that reshape industry.

Our network of private equity fund managers bring unique strategies and opportunities across a wide range of verticals. We focus our investments in funds that drive outsized returns through creative deal structures in industries we care about.

Public Markets

Equity, fixed income, real estate, energy and alternative asset investments balancing risk and return over a long-term horizon.

The portfolio is dynamically positioned to take advantage of opportunities through strategy weightings, opportunistic manager selection and regular evaluation of asset classes.

Strategically focused on
industries ripe for digitization.

We believe in applying transformative technologies to these important, long-established industries.

Environment & Natural Resources
Food & Supply Chain
Sustainable Energy & Infrastructure
Housing & Construction Innovation

Ready to do some good, together?

We value our network of friends, former colleagues, co-investors, mentors and the like-minded. We’d love to connect and learn more about your business.

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